Client Testimonials

We have known Robert for the past 25 years.  For the past six years we have employed Robert to care for our dogs and home while we have traveled, sometimes for extended periods.  His willingness to spend individual time with each of our dogs has been appreciated.  This is not an easy task given that we have a large senior dog with special needs as well as a younger active dog with boundless energy that requires lots of exercise.  Robert accomplishes both by combining individualized care and exercise for each.  Robert is very knowledgeable about dogs. He loves dogs and our dogs love him. We have recommended him to other friends and our neighbors.  For our dogs, it’s like they are on vacation when Robert is pet sitting.    


While Robert is available for daily dog care and exercise, we have primarily employed him for long term dog care.  This means staying in our home for up to three weeks at a time.  We have been impressed by his care of our house.  He is willing to do extra and our home is as well-kept when we return as when we left. 

We can’t say enough about Robert in this regard and are available for any additional feedback. 

Mike & Diane

I have known Robert for a number of years. His passion is the love of animals. He is completely selfless with the care and safety of all animals. 

I have trusted Robert with the care of my blind dog. He stays aware of surroundings and is focused. His instincts seem to magically appear with the dog.

Trust Robert? With all my heart!!


Robert has taken care of our 18-month-old Brittany (spaniel breed), Watson, on several occasions including several long walks while my wife was pregnant. Watson is always happy to see Robert. Robert is very knowledgeable about dogs and takes great care of our Watson. We've also been able to learn some training tips from Robert. He does great with Watson's high-energy and is able to engage well with him while still keeping him focused positively.


I would not hesitate to recommend Robert for anyone looking for a dog walker or dog sitter. He is fabulous - the price, the trust, the service. It is not only me that thinks he is  great but Mikey - my dog loves him too.  That is a true testament. 


Rob has been petsitting for our dogs for over 2 years.  He is very attentive to Toby and Mickey and was equally as engaged with our other two dogs, Dash & Chase.  He seems to have a knack with them and brings a variety of toys over so he can be involved in an active play time with our pets.  He also takes them on long walks which they enjoy.  Rob leaves written notes about our pet’s behavior while he was sitting which is really helpful.  He also has given us some good tips on pet training which we appreciate.  Rob is very reliable, flexible, and trustworthy and we highly recommend him to anyone who needs a responsible petsitter.  We have hired him to walk our dogs when they’ve been kenneled and we wanted longer walks than the kennel provided which is a benefit to our pets.  If you hire Rob, we think you’ll be very pleased with his care of your pets.

Debbie & Dave

Update:  Since then, Dash & Chase passed-on and Robert is caring for our  new pups... over a year now.

It is my pleasure to write this testimonial in regards to Robert Golden. I have known Robert for approximately three and a half years. I am a single dog mom, and I am highly protective of my dog. However, I have allowed Robert to take my dog on walks to the park.

My dog in fact loves Robert. If we are outside and Robert is anywhere in sight, my dog will lead us to Robert's side. Robert is a dog's best friend.