What  Dogs Would Say!

Curious what dogs might say about their life and about Robert, the Pet Vacationer?

Because of years of experience, Robert has a wonderful understanding of what dogs really enjoy, what makes them feel healthy, and what they need to feel loved.

If your dog could talk they would tell you...

Yes, being in the yard is nice and better than being cooped up in the house, but nothing beats going for a walk! Just hearing "walk" gets me excited! I need to move, stretch, run, and burn off some energy. I'm a dog. I descended from wolves. Getting out in fresh air and moving my legs is what I need for my mental health. It keeps me svelte and in good physical shape, too. Just like you (humans), exercise is very important to my overall health and life expectancy.

Robert takes me to so many cool parks. He knows the best ones... and which ones are best in the rain and the ones we should visit when it is really hot. Best part is that he understands my need to smell everything. My house and yard have boring smells... same thing every day. Each time we go to a park, my nose loves it!



He is such a good "petter"! He knows all the spots and rubs me right. It's like getting a massage. And, when he is brushing me, it is so relaxing. I know my human mommy will think I look great and give me a big hug. 

When he takes care of us for several days, he brings special dog toys for me and Toby.

I think Robert was a dog in another life. He just gets me!



I can hardly contain my excitement when Robert visits. Just the sight of him makes me wiggle! I know Robert will be taking me to a great park to run and play and sniff all the new spots. I'll get belly rubs and treats, too. 

I really like this guy! Five "arffs" rating!