He deserves a vacation, too!

He deserves a vacation, too!

The Safety & Well Being of Your Pet is Top   Priority 

Animals have come to mean so much to us. They enrich our lives daily and ask little in return. What's one thing that we have in our lives that we can depend on? A dog or a cat loving us unconditionally, every day, very faithfully.

Meet Robert Golden

Robert has a passion for animals and is a student of dog training, health and behavior studies.

Pets jump for joy when Robert arrives. They know they will be given focused attention and love.

We are blessed with so many beautiful parks  to explore. Your dog will love his walks and adventures!

Robert Golden is your pet services expert. He has over 15 years pet care experience and enjoys expanding his knowledge of animals and their behaviors. You'll often find Robert reading at the library and researching online - - he thrives on learning the latest about training, exercising and nurturing dogs and cats. As a former ASPCA volunteer, Robert gained a lot of experience dealing with traumatized and sensitive dogs.

An ex Merchant Marine, Robert has traveled extensively and brings his knowledge of different cultures and their beliefs respectfully to his pet services business.

Following 5 years in the Merchant Marines, Robert returned to school and earned his teaching credentials in Physical Education and health. He taught in the Lake Oswego School District for over 12 years.

Dogs are Robert's family. He gives them love and attention, and they eagerly return it tenfold. He is the guy you'll see stopping by the side of the road to rescue a dog in distress. 


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Meet some of Robert's clients...

Meet some of Robert's clients...


What do dogs say

about Robert?

Pet Vacationer Services

Pet Vacationer assures that your pet will receive individualized and focused care. When delivering pet services, Robert Golden gives your dog or cat full attention. He will design a pet care program that suits your needs and brings the most benefit to your pet's life. You can count on services always being delivered by Robert. He does not send out sub-contractors. He is a dependable, responsible, mature adult that values your love for your pet.

Safety first! Robert's ongoing studies of dog behavior has taught him that leadership is important to your dog's safety. Robert is a trusted "pack leader" by all his four legged friends.

All pets crave adventure. It stimulates their minds, helps them stay alert, and keeps them healthy through exercise. Robert is the "pet vacationer." Pets quickly come to realize that when Robert visits it is time for fun, play and exploring. New things to sniff. New things to see. New games to play.

Dog Walking & Drop-in Pet Care

While you are at work or running errands, Pet Vacationer provides drop-in care for dogs, cats, fish and birds, including walks, active play, feeding, basic grooming, cuddle time, and showering them with lots of love and attention.

Rate for one pet: 

30 minutes - $20

Other options available; discount available for regularly scheduled walks/care.

Additional pets for a fee.


Trips to Parks

Park visits and Forest Hikes are physically and mentally stimulating. Done in a pack or individually. Pick-up from your home or work, within the service area. Upon arriving home, dogs get a paw bath and wipe-down.

Rate for one pet:

60 to 90 minutes - $40

Other options available; discount available for regularly scheduled walks/care.

Additional pets for a fee.

Dogs are less stressed when not left alone overnight. You will know they are well cared-for and happy. And, you will have the peace-of-mind knowing your home is carefully watched while you are away. Home-related care, like collecting newspapers, mail and packages, and putting out trash.

Call for your customized service rate.

Pet & House


Service Area

Lake Oswego, West Linn, Oregon City and close vicinities.

Longer engagements, like Pet & House Sitting, can be more distant locations.

Just call & ask!